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The Four Steps to Positive Change and Success

As a single man, I was attracted to brunettes with shapely curves. Many will agree that, at first glance, its what's on the outside that counts. After all, can you determine if one enjoys nature hikes or Italian food from across a dimly lit room? A fulfilling relationship is one in which humor, conversation, and… Continue reading The Four Steps to Positive Change and Success

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Success is a State of Mind

  Everything in life begins with a dream.  For ten years I had enjoyed the career of a diamond merchant.  The jewelry business had become my passion. With my wife-to-be sitting close to me in our quaint apartment, we uttered the possibility of a jewelry company that could offer intriguing designs at less than normal… Continue reading Success is a State of Mind

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Open your Eyes and Dream!

I was seven when I had my first lucid dream. Of course I didn't know the official name, but I did sense "I know I am dreaming." I was at the landing of our creaky staircase of my childhood home, three steps from the bottom. I saw my surroundings from my point of view, noticing… Continue reading Open your Eyes and Dream!

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Avoid Looking Over Your Shoulder

We are all self-made. The people and objects that surround us are a direct consequence of the thoughts we have harbored in our minds. When I think of my world, I attribute it to concentrating on the present and the future instead of peering back at my misfortunes and mistakes. I try not to spend… Continue reading Avoid Looking Over Your Shoulder


Follow Your Spark

I always spend considerable time wondering why humans do the things we do.  I ask questions such as,  "Why is this person so successful?" and,  "Why is this person in jail?" I am surprised how we tend to be who we are for most of our lives.  Can we change ourselves? Whenever I meet someone… Continue reading Follow Your Spark