Tales of Imagination

The Anniversary Ring

"You love birds can sit here with me if you want," the elderly man said to the young couple desperately looking for a vacant breakfast table. "I'll be leaving soon, and it looks like these are the last empty chairs in the house." The Garden Terrace was a romantic spot that peered across the Pacific… Continue reading The Anniversary Ring

Childhood Memories, Tales of Imagination

The Hairspray Can Explosion

Caution:  Flammable. Contents under pressure.  Marcus Wilson eyeballed the label of his mom's used hairspray can. Do not expose near fire or flame.  May explode if temperature rises above 120 degrees.  To an adult, this message is never read. To a twelve-year old aspiring scientist, however, this meant, I am an awesome bomb. Marcus discovered… Continue reading The Hairspray Can Explosion

Childhood Memories

Embrace Your Life

Grandpa's footsteps shuffled into the spare bedroom I was sleeping.  His house was stout and was constructed of thick wood beams, complete with an old-fashioned porch swing.  Grandpa probably built the house with his own hands as a wedding present for grandma. I didn't raise my head from the early morning covers, which shielded me… Continue reading Embrace Your Life

Tales of Imagination

The Weird Bug

I was already tense from reading the book, “Creepy Insects of the World,” so I didn’t think about the tickle I felt on my left arm close to my shoulder.  Carmen was on my other side watching some kind on Alien movie.  I felt it again in the same spot, then calmly moved the book… Continue reading The Weird Bug

Tales of Imagination

The Falling Car

I suppose I was driving too fast while zooming left around a big turn on top of the mountains. It was a cold, moonless night, and the head beams illuminated only a few feet of the winding dirt road in front of the black Jeep. I saw the turn approaching and cut my wheels to… Continue reading The Falling Car

Tales of Imagination

The Birthday Party

After Alandra staged a big birthday party for Dawson Winston when he turned 30, Dawson figured the next party wouldn't be as extravagant. Ben's Burgers, after all, was the place they met when she worked as a table server. Dawson never forgot how she spilled the giant thirsty-sized Fruitola in his lap when she served… Continue reading The Birthday Party

Childhood Memories

The Big Fight

"Move over!" Bill Drinkas pushed me, almost making me spill my carton of chocolate milk as I was taking a sip. "Hey, what's the problem?" I asked. "Keep your darn elbow on your own side." Bill said.  The fifth-grade cafeteria tables were jam packed. I ate with my left hand and just about everyone who… Continue reading The Big Fight

Tales of Imagination

The Secret of Zero

Everybody laughed at Carl Bickles as Mr Rogers was teaching us about space. The fourth grade class was filled with cool artifacts, including a large wooden dinosaur on Mr. Roger's desk. I was always fascinated how the Brontosaurus trampled heavily upon the earth. I was saddened about their demise as the Ice Age froze their… Continue reading The Secret of Zero

Tales of Imagination

We Love Dirty Dishes!

Written by Diamond Mike Watson “One hundred forty-one degrees and rising!” I yelled. “Not high enough!” Mark replies over the roar of the giant droid-like dishwasher.  “The water needs to be at least one hundred and forty-five degrees to sanitize.” “More dirty bowls and cups coming at ya!” Molly calls out from behind my shoulder.… Continue reading We Love Dirty Dishes!