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Be Thankful for your Eyes

Gemologists can seem strange at times. That’s because we know that our business extends beyond what we see.  We have been known to burn amber in an inconspicuous place to smell its smoke and determine its authenticity.  We rub pearls beneath our front teeth to ascertain if they are real. (A smooth feel is an imitation, slightly… Continue reading Be Thankful for your Eyes

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Sharing the Same Experience- Part Four

  A friend asked if I was a cup-half-full or a cup-half-empty guy. I quickly answered that my cup was neither because it was always gushing over its brim. Then I realized that if most people’s excitement level never varies between zero to three out of ten, mine usually hovers constantly around twelve. Using the… Continue reading Sharing the Same Experience- Part Four

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The Neon 3

The sun had fallen. Stars had not quite sprinkled the sky.  The old man fought his way to the door of the corner market amidst impatient cars dodging into empty parking stalls. Inside the market, tiny-wheeled grocery carts manned by grumpy shoppers whizzed everywhere without traffic regulations.  One shopper bumped the man's cart while another… Continue reading The Neon 3