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What Happened to my Chubby-Cheeked Sister?

  I am adopted. Even today I am not legally allowed to know of the person who gave birth to me. The records are now unsealed only because I mailed my birthmother's death certificate to the state of Indiana. I am thankful someone recorded my birth on an old typewriter. Thank goodness there was a… Continue reading What Happened to my Chubby-Cheeked Sister?

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Adoption, Life Adventures

We will find you, Deborah Kay

September 4, 1994 is a historic date. At least for me. In the town of New Albany, Indiana, I met my birth family for the first time- uncles, aunts, a cousin, even a grandmother. We agreed to meet at my childhood home where my adoptive parents still lived. This might not sound exciting to you.… Continue reading We will find you, Deborah Kay

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Secret Agent 27

I was also a secret agent! For twenty years I searched for clues and asked pointed questions to unravel the mystery of my birth mother. Who was she? Where did I come from? How did I get here? I was a curious detective. I was an undercover spy. My only weapon was my determination to… Continue reading Secret Agent 27