Help Find My Sister

UPDATED INFORMATION. This little girl is my sister. This is the last picture taken before she disappeared. She was named Deborah Kay Price and was born on 12-6-1955 at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. My birthmother (who resembles Lucille Ball in photo) was Betty Price. Betty married Carl Price 12-29-1951. Carl was born 7-8-1926. He was… Continue reading Help Find My Sister


The Life of an Adoptee

"The life of an adoptee is sometimes like that of an ancient voyager who searches for the unknown. The explorers, however, used navigational tools and the stars to guide their destiny. They had their sights on the wonders that lay ahead of them. An adoptee, on the other hand, travels in the opposite direction."

Excerpt from
Adopted Like Me- Chosen to Search for Truth, Identity, and a Birthmother
by Michael C. Watson

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Five minutes before the Big Bang

I can almost wrap my mind around the Big Bang. For whatever reason, there was a terrific explosion.  I hear it was a totally silent experience because there was no atmosphere to create sound. I can grasp that also. Debris and gasses formed everything we now see, including us. So far, so good. But what… Continue reading Five minutes before the Big Bang