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The Sea of Interbeing

Nearly a decade ago, Thich Nhat Hahn’s simple, yet profound words showed me how everything we see and cannot see is wondrously woven together in a sea of interbeing. I had never given previous thought how a cloud, the rain, a tree, and a simple sheet of paper are dependent on each other. Thay matter-of-factly… Continue reading The Sea of Interbeing

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Touching the Universe

Many years ago, shortly after becoming a father, I felt the need for my growing family to have spiritual guidance. I was raised in the Protestant faith and my wife was Catholic. We settled on going to a Presbyterian church close by. I yearned for a universal truth about how we can be the best… Continue reading Touching the Universe

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We Must Always Be Thankful

Each of us has a book inside of us and a story to tell. If I ever say we should be thankful I don’t mean we should be thankful just because we were adopted, and we should not be thankful just because society expects us to feel that way. The word “grateful” has become twisted… Continue reading We Must Always Be Thankful

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Follow Your Spark

After only ten minutes, James tightly wrenched the last nut of his drum set and cuffed the headphones over his ears. "I'm ready. Start recording." I really liked James. At only 20 years old, he was already playing the Louisville club scene drumming for the Buster Brown band. He was tall with groomed blond hair,… Continue reading Follow Your Spark

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The Benefit of Giving

Years ago I remember spending time with my little girl reading children's books.  I’m not sure who enjoyed the stories more but there is one tale I will never forget.  It was called, "Milo and the Magical Stones." Milo was a mouse that lived on an island with other mice. He discovered a beautiful, shiny,… Continue reading The Benefit of Giving

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What is Important Now?

A friend of mine consoles terminally ill patients.  Many times she is there, holding their hand as they walk into the light of an unknown door.  Her experience has taught her a great truth, which is to always ask oneself, “What is important now?”  In her case, the most important thing to do in those… Continue reading What is Important Now?


The Giant Box

I have always been a deep thinker. Maybe that's because I am a left-handed Pisces, or simply because nature instilled such an immense sense of curiosity into my being. I was recently "diagnosed" with ADHD from my daughter, who caught me exclaiming, "Look, a beautiful tree!" in the middle of a non-related discussion. I have… Continue reading The Giant Box

Tales of Imagination

We Love Dirty Dishes!

Written by Diamond Mike Watson “One hundred forty-one degrees and rising!” I yelled. “Not high enough!” Mark replies over the roar of the giant droid-like dishwasher.  “The water needs to be at least one hundred and forty-five degrees to sanitize.” “More dirty bowls and cups coming at ya!” Molly calls out from behind my shoulder.… Continue reading We Love Dirty Dishes!

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What Is Our Purpose?

I noticed the beautiful plumes of purple on our jacaranda as I sat underneath it's shade. Purple is my favorite color anyways, and the stark contrast of the tree's flowers against lush green leaves gave me great joy.  Later, a hummingbird buzzed past me to play in the branches. I was filled with a sense… Continue reading What Is Our Purpose?