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Many Words Rhyme with Purple

Many words rhyme with purple Like durple, turple and magurple I pour a slurple Take a glurple Pardon me, I made a burple Chicks go chirple Snakes go sshnurple My friends are Wurple and Nurple Ever see a flying flurple? Hurple, skurple, To hobble is to hirple Everyone has made a blurple (Let's not forget… Continue reading Many Words Rhyme with Purple

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Purple Passion

Did you know it is impossible to think about nothing? Have you ever tried to sleep at night by erasing your thoughts?  If you are inside a room shielded from sound, does that mean you will hear nothing? If you have ever tried this you will know that your active mind will create a sound… Continue reading Purple Passion

Gallery of Diamonds

Gallery of Diamonds is Turning Twenty-One

My wife, Carmen and I founded Gallery of Diamonds September 29, 1991.¬† Twenty-one years later we are celebrating our birthday with purple cake and champagne. Date: Today, Saturday, October 13 Time: 10-5PM Everyone is welcome. The brand color is purple, signifying our vision in helping our community with jewelry that is modern, custom, and antique.… Continue reading Gallery of Diamonds is Turning Twenty-One

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What Is Our Purpose?

I noticed the beautiful plumes of purple on our jacaranda as I sat underneath it's shade. Purple is my favorite color anyways, and the stark contrast of the tree's flowers against lush green leaves gave me great joy. ¬†Later, a hummingbird buzzed past me to play in the branches. I was filled with a sense… Continue reading What Is Our Purpose?