The Blade of Grass

You may analyze my brain To see what is inside You might think I am disturbed With thoughts I cannot hide When I caress this blade of grass All things I understand Beauty right before our eyes Life's just one thin, green strand I once held a jar of fish Their colors splashed for all… Continue reading The Blade of Grass


Where Does a Tree Begin?

Where does a tree begin? Does it start at the top? Or could that be the end? Perhaps it's the leaf That drinks the sun But if there were no light The tree would be none Branches twist out With dangling limbs But I still do not know Where a tree begins Is it the… Continue reading Where Does a Tree Begin?

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Many Words Rhyme with Purple

Many words rhyme with purple Like durple, turple and magurple I pour a slurple Take a glurple Pardon me, I made a burple Chicks go chirple Snakes go sshnurple My friends are Wurple and Nurple Ever see a flying flurple? Hurple, skurple, To hobble is to hirple Everyone has made a blurple (Let's not forget… Continue reading Many Words Rhyme with Purple

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Do All Things with Love

Whenever you breathe, whenever you dream Whenever you splash through puddles and streams Whenever you gaze into blue skies Whenever you realize that you are alive Whenever you drink, or make a meal Whenever you know that life is real Whenever you talk to children or friends Whenever you rise for the day to begin… Continue reading Do All Things with Love

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A Thousand Years More

A Thousand Years The curve of your smile Makes me glow inside The sound of your voice Is my gentle guide Dawn's sun on your face Gives me hope for the day And while I am gone My heart's not away Walking on the sand Our clasped hands blend I know you're my moon, My… Continue reading A Thousand Years More


Heaven Lives Inside Our Hearts

Heaven Lives Inside Our Hearts Even when I shield my eyes I see all beauty in my mind And though I warmly cuff my ears A melody I sweetly hear A paradise lives deep inside With peaceful streams and trees Eternal rainbows arch above And paint the sky for me A perfect world at my… Continue reading Heaven Lives Inside Our Hearts

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The Kingdom is Here

I lie on my back A leaf falls gently on my lips I feel the breeze For once I am alive I am here Cause you are there And this is this Cause that is that There is nothing I can do For I am only an image of you The kingdom is here  … Continue reading The Kingdom is Here

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A Diamond and My Mother

Blogs are wonderful to preserve and communicate our thoughts. In this case, I needed to share some beautiful words with the world, which were written by a 15-year old girl in the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest. Out of thousands of essays that were submitted to me in 1995, a sixth-grade boy was selected,… Continue reading A Diamond and My Mother

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Childhood Memories, Poetry

Because She Loved Me First

  Martha Velia Watson March 15, 1920 - September 14, 2006 Mom woke me softly in the morning And readied me for school Speak kind words to everyone Obey the Golden Rule With a gentle hug and kiss She handed me a sack Potato sticks, with snacks and fruits Were very neatly packed Her endless… Continue reading Because She Loved Me First

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The World Table

Nineteen years ago, in the summer of 1993, seven of my friends got together.  Realizing the rich differences of our backgrounds, we decided to have a dinner in which each person would have to bring a dish of food from their native country.  We dubbed it the International Party. One friend brought chicken with peanut… Continue reading The World Table