Gallery of Diamonds

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in Filigree

Unusual 19k filigree cloisonné-style estate necklace from France. This is the sort of unique, intricate design where your eyes get lost in the beautiful detail. Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details:

Gallery of Diamonds

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination: Lights inspire, lights are functional — everyday objects in our rooms and on our streets. Yet lights can be powerful symbols: signs of life, curiosity, and discovery.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Suprise inside!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise! See more info on the piece:

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Gallery of Diamonds

Weekly Photo Challenge – Foreign

This vintage Etruscan pendant has a foreign charm to it that entrances everyone who sees it! Foreign. While foreign (rightly so) often brings up images of things outside of your own nation, it can also apply to things outside of or different from your normal environment: