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The Reflection of your Eye

This is my eye. Upon close inspection, you can see the reflection of Gallery of Diamonds in my iris. If the camera was angled differently, some essays of our mother's contest would be detected. You might see my new mothers jewelry designs. During the last twenty-five years it has been a challenge to separate two… Continue reading The Reflection of your Eye

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Reverence of the Past

As an adoptee that spent two decades searching for my origins, I have always had a reverence for the past.  Maybe that is why I also have a passion for classic cars, historic buildings, and antique and estate jewelry at my jewelry store in Newport Beach, California. Every morning I wake to see this beautiful… Continue reading Reverence of the Past

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The Benefit of Giving

Years ago I remember spending time with my little girl reading children's books.  I’m not sure who enjoyed the stories more but there is one tale I will never forget.  It was called, "Milo and the Magical Stones." Milo was a mouse that lived on an island with other mice. He discovered a beautiful, shiny,… Continue reading The Benefit of Giving

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Do What You Do Best

I walked into a popular restaurant known for chicken and was surprised to see a sign on the counter saying, "Try our new beef tacos." I also remember going to an establishment known for beef.  A large poster advertised a new addition: turkey sandwiches.  And, come to think of it, it seems that nearly every… Continue reading Do What You Do Best

Tales of Imagination

No Dream is Impossible

"What do you mean, you can't do it?" Diamond Mike Watson asked the small-framed Vietnamese programmer. After five hours of tinkering at the master computer at the headquarters of Gallery of Diamonds jewelers, Lan Dong finally admitted it would be impossible to make Diamond Mike's demands come true. "This may take thirty to forty more… Continue reading No Dream is Impossible

Tales of Imagination

We Love Dirty Dishes!

Written by Diamond Mike Watson “One hundred forty-one degrees and rising!” I yelled. “Not high enough!” Mark replies over the roar of the giant droid-like dishwasher.  “The water needs to be at least one hundred and forty-five degrees to sanitize.” “More dirty bowls and cups coming at ya!” Molly calls out from behind my shoulder.… Continue reading We Love Dirty Dishes!

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What Is Our Purpose?

I noticed the beautiful plumes of purple on our jacaranda as I sat underneath it's shade. Purple is my favorite color anyways, and the stark contrast of the tree's flowers against lush green leaves gave me great joy.  Later, a hummingbird buzzed past me to play in the branches. I was filled with a sense… Continue reading What Is Our Purpose?