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Police Report

Today I filed a missing persons report for my sister, Debra Kay. It appears there was never such a report filed since she vanished as a child. This will be submitted to the Indianapolis police, where my birthmother was living at the time of her disappearance. I hope the relationships I have forged with my… Continue reading Police Report

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How to Make Money in Music

  It was 1981. The money I had saved from my humble guitar instruction business allowed me to buy several instruments. I amassed enough components to assemble a full recording studio in the run down apartment next to our damp basement. I had no desire to perform at the dank downtown clubs, but rather worked… Continue reading How to Make Money in Music

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Secret Agent 27

I was also a secret agent! For twenty years I searched for clues and asked pointed questions to unravel the mystery of my birth mother. Who was she? Where did I come from? How did I get here? I was a curious detective. I was an undercover spy. My only weapon was my determination to… Continue reading Secret Agent 27