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Concrete Gray Steps

This is my childhood home in New Albany, Indiana. In the summertime the hot sun would blaze behind the house where I would sit on concrete steps and squint into the sky. Gray paint would always flake off the steps like dried flower petals. As golden rays soaked into my bare chest I would try… Continue reading Concrete Gray Steps

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A Beautiful Experience

The following testimonial is from Heidi Tecklenburg, a winning mom from the 2019 Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest. Thank you Heidi, for sharing your experience. Rewind to May 2012, when I was 45 years old, I never imagined that I would ever have a child call me MOM other than my 4-legged fur babies.… Continue reading A Beautiful Experience

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The Reflection of your Eye

This is my eye. Upon close inspection, you can see the reflection of Gallery of Diamonds in my iris. If the camera was angled differently, some essays of our mother's contest would be detected. You might see my new mothers jewelry designs. During the last twenty-five years it has been a challenge to separate two… Continue reading The Reflection of your Eye

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The Power of Positive Words

How many different ways can a child express his or her appreciation for mom? Perhaps millions. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is how many essays have been submitted to my jewelry store since 1993. I searched for my own birth mother since I was a teenager. I was adopted as a child, and although… Continue reading The Power of Positive Words

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A Diamond and My Mother

Blogs are wonderful to preserve and communicate our thoughts. In this case, I needed to share some beautiful words with the world, which were written by a 15-year old girl in the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest. Out of thousands of essays that were submitted to me in 1995, a sixth-grade boy was selected,… Continue reading A Diamond and My Mother

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Because She Loved Me First

  Martha Velia Watson March 15, 1920 - September 14, 2006 Mom woke me softly in the morning And readied me for school Speak kind words to everyone Obey the Golden Rule With a gentle hug and kiss She handed me a sack Potato sticks, with snacks and fruits Were very neatly packed Her endless… Continue reading Because She Loved Me First