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He found his birth family 35 years later. Then he helped them find a ‘vanished’ sister.

Arika Herron, Indianapolis Star Published 5:14 p.m. ET Aug. 24, 2019.\ Everyone in “Diamond” Mike Watson’s life told him he should give up. The baby in the 60-year-old photograph was probably dead. And if she wasn’t, they said, she may not want to be found. It wasn’t out of callousness or apathy. The opposite… Continue reading He found his birth family 35 years later. Then he helped them find a ‘vanished’ sister.


Dear birthmother

  Dear birthmother, I never had the chance to meet you. If I did, I would have thanked you for giving my sister and I what you could not offer, which was the chance to live in a loving home and being able to experience the fullness and richness of life. I know you made… Continue reading Dear birthmother

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I Found My Sister

Many of you know I have been searching for my baby sister, Deborah Kay Price, who vanished shortly after the first photo was taken in 1956. The universe has proven once again that all things, when asked with sincerity and conviction, will eventually be revealed. I finally found my beautiful sister. I spoke with her… Continue reading I Found My Sister

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What Happened to my Chubby-Cheeked Sister?

  I am adopted. Even today I am not legally allowed to know of the person who gave birth to me. The records are now unsealed only because I mailed my birthmother's death certificate to the state of Indiana. I am thankful someone recorded my birth on an old typewriter. Thank goodness there was a… Continue reading What Happened to my Chubby-Cheeked Sister?

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The Truth Must Be Revealed

I’m not sure if I have been this open on a previous post, but here goes. I know that if my one-year-old daughter disappeared I would search the ends of the earth to find her. When I met my bio family in 1994 we had a joyous reunion at my adoptive parents house. I was… Continue reading The Truth Must Be Revealed

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We Are Going to Find You

Even today, as I gaze into the photo of the little girl on the right, I feel strange knowing that I came from her womb. She is my birthmother, Betty Stewart. With the current Indiana adoption laws, I had no right to find her.   To Betty, I’m sorry you died before I had the… Continue reading We Are Going to Find You

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Happy Birthday, Deborah Kay

Dear Deborah Kay, I never saw you, but my family said you disappeared before your first birthday in 1956. Someone said the babysitter took you. Others said a social worker took you. There was no police report filed. There was no funeral. What happened to you? If you are out there, you will be 62… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Deborah Kay

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Deborah Kay, We Will Never Stop Searching for You

To my sister, Deborah Kay, 62 years have passed since the day you were born. I wanted you to see the work your family, your internet friends, and myself have done to try and find you. What happened? Were you adopted? Stolen? Or something more sinister? It took me twenty years to find myself. Now… Continue reading Deborah Kay, We Will Never Stop Searching for You

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Police Report

Today I filed a missing persons report for my sister, Debra Kay. It appears there was never such a report filed since she vanished as a child. This will be submitted to the Indianapolis police, where my birthmother was living at the time of her disappearance. I hope the relationships I have forged with my… Continue reading Police Report

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Kitten in a Box

One day my daughter returned from school when she noticed a young lad in the parking lot of a gas station offering free kittens from a cardboard box. "This one is named...Lola," the boy searched for a name as he cuddled one of the furry creatures. "She is so lovable and kind," the boy continued… Continue reading Kitten in a Box


My Birthmother’s Second Husband

This photo was taken when my birthmother married her second husband, Kenneth Synder. The back of the photo says, "October 23, 1958. When we got married in Carmel (Indiana) at night." This was eight months after I was put up for adoption, and about a year after my two-year-old sister, Debra Kay Price, mysteriously disappeared.… Continue reading My Birthmother’s Second Husband


What Happened to Deborah Kay?

  12-29-1951. My birthmother, Betty Stewart, marries her first husband, Carl Price. Betty was 16 years old. Carl was 26. My sister, Deborah Kay Price, was born 12-5-1955. Betty and Carl divorced 9-15-1955. Debra Kay disappeared before her first birthday. What happened to her?


The Lost Sister

My birthmother, Betty Snyder, and my sister, Debra Kay Price.  This was the last photograph taken of her before she disappeared. I am searching for my sister, Debra Kay Price. She disappeared before her second birthday. I was adopted as a child, found my roots 20 years later, then discovered I had a sister who… Continue reading The Lost Sister


Help Find My Sister

UPDATED INFORMATION. This little girl is my sister. This is the last picture taken before she disappeared. She was named Deborah Kay Price and was born on 12-6-1955 at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. My birthmother (who resembles Lucille Ball in photo) was Betty Price. Betty married Carl Price 12-29-1951. Carl was born 7-8-1926. He was… Continue reading Help Find My Sister