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Concrete Gray Steps

This is my childhood home in New Albany, Indiana. In the summertime the hot sun would blaze behind the house where I would sit on concrete steps and squint into the sky. Gray paint would always flake off the steps like dried flower petals. As golden rays soaked into my bare chest I would try… Continue reading Concrete Gray Steps

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The Importance of Knowing

The hardened criminal may say he was never loved. But is more love the solution?  Can we create more love?  Is there only so much love out there?  Or is love a finite element like hydrogen and oxygen?  While a torrential downpour floods one country, another country may be cheated from a single drop of… Continue reading The Importance of Knowing

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How to Master the Art of Serenity

Do you want to master the art of inner peace? I discovered this quite by accident, for I was not searching for an ancient secret. Sometimes life's revelations are unveiled when we least expect it. I am so glad I was aware of those precious moments of introspection and stored it somewhere in my brain.The… Continue reading How to Master the Art of Serenity

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Know You are a Great Salesperson

There is a commonality among great salespeople: they jump at the chance to help customers! In order to be polite, they sometimes constrain themselves when a customer walks in to give another salesperson a chance. That is because the more skilled a salesperson is with his or her craft, the more excited they are about… Continue reading Know You are a Great Salesperson

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When We Know We Are Loved

Eyes glittering with flawless light.  Face perfect as an angel.  She guides me in wisdom.  She is my encouraging branch.  She's my gem of life. David Dupplissey. Grade 4. 2009 Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® winner. This photo was taken on Diamond Day, February 28, 2009 at Gallery of Diamonds jewelers in Newport Beach, CA.… Continue reading When We Know We Are Loved