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The Empty House

The living room of my childhood home in New Albany, Indiana. 1725 Grantline Road. I always wanted to slide down the stairs but the post at the bottom would surely cause embarrassing injury. If one was obese it may have been difficult to squeeze through the narrow archway to the kitchen. The heating vents were… Continue reading The Empty House

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This may be hard to understand

This may be hard to understand. Everything is nothing. Nothing is everything. All that remains is consciousness. Can you imagine a universe with us not in it? Me neither. Now think of this. The universe, and everything in it, is only here because we can observe it. When we close our eyes, is it still… Continue reading This may be hard to understand

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Real happiness does not come from material things, but from the thoughts of love we hold in our heads. If we want to look at the past with a smile, we must create a good memory today.

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How to Master the Art of Serenity

Do you want to master the art of inner peace? I discovered this quite by accident, for I was not searching for an ancient secret. Sometimes life's revelations are unveiled when we least expect it. I am so glad I was aware of those precious moments of introspection and stored it somewhere in my brain.The… Continue reading How to Master the Art of Serenity

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The Lizard (What happened?)

Today I was strolling beside a brick wall when I noticed a lizard sunbathing on the top stone.  He jerked his head sharply to the side to focus a single eye on me,  the intruder.  The scaled creature stared at me in a frozen state.   A metallic patch of shiny blue shone from underneath… Continue reading The Lizard (What happened?)

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The Power of Your Smile

Did you know you can change your world simply with your smile?   It's almost impossible to be in a bad mood or hold a grudge if you do this.  Great luck, opportunities and friends become attracted to you. Why is this an ancient secret? It is because most people do not understand the awesomeness of… Continue reading The Power of Your Smile