The Belt

Walking briskly in the diamond district of Los Angeles a man wearing shabby clothes hobbled passed me.  Our eyes never met as he gazed straight ahead with determination.  Although it appeared he was wearing a belt he was struggling to hold up his pants.  Either his belt was broken or the waistline of his garment was way too… Continue reading The Belt

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Giving a Diamond

People ask me how big of a diamond they should get their girlfriend or how much to spend. Please do not worry about these things. The size or the price does not determine how much you love someone. In fact, it is not a diamond that makes a person happy, it is the memories associated… Continue reading Giving a Diamond

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The Benefit of Giving

Years ago I remember spending time with my little girl reading children's books.  I’m not sure who enjoyed the stories more but there is one tale I will never forget.  It was called, "Milo and the Magical Stones." Milo was a mouse that lived on an island with other mice. He discovered a beautiful, shiny,… Continue reading The Benefit of Giving

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A Diamond and My Mother

Blogs are wonderful to preserve and communicate our thoughts. In this case, I needed to share some beautiful words with the world, which were written by a 15-year old girl in the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest. Out of thousands of essays that were submitted to me in 1995, a sixth-grade boy was selected,… Continue reading A Diamond and My Mother