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You Can Keep the Seashells

Maybe it was 1985 when I was divorced from my first wife. The marriage lasted less than a year so many memories have faded. Somehow a glass jar of seashells survived and has provided no more than the important reminder of the eternal beauty of nature.  At first, it was fairly easy to divide our… Continue reading You Can Keep the Seashells

Family Life, Life Adventures

Thank You, Earth. The International Dinner Party

August 16, 2015. Beginning in 1993 as a small get-together between friends to show thanks and mutual respect, the International Dinner is celebrated every year. Prepared with love, shown are some of the delicious native dishes from family and friends for the 22nd Annual Dinner. United States:  American beef hamburger sliders, Ham and Cheese Ball,… Continue reading Thank You, Earth. The International Dinner Party

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Shykor and the Giant Flawless Diamond

Shykor drew his golden sword from his sheath and stabbed it into the sky.  The bright sun reflected a beam of yellow from the polished plastic. The handle was encrusted with crystal rhinestones, but looked like ocean blue sapphires and pigeon blood rubies set in a platinum halo. Around Shykor's neck hung the Giant Flawless,… Continue reading Shykor and the Giant Flawless Diamond