FlyUp!, Life Adventures

You Are Your Own Light

At first, the Words rested comfortably in high resolution pixels on the computer screen. Even with a quick glance, the Helvetia font shone with a sense of hope and nourishment. I prided myself on hiring only brilliant persons for my team. I even secretly embedded a list of questions that confirmed ones genius in the… Continue reading You Are Your Own Light


Fly Up! And Self-Actualization

The invention of FlyUp! (for Fully Live Your Unlimited Potential) came shortly after we launched the Raise Your Umbrella school program. The all-inclusiveness of FlyUp! made it an even higher form of Raise Your Umbrella. Many people have heard of Abraham Maslow, who published his 1943 article entitled, A Theory of Human Motivation. The paper… Continue reading Fly Up! And Self-Actualization


Make a promise to yourself.

In my Raise Your Umbrella lecture, these kids promised: I will follow my spark and passion and dreams. I understand that the world will give me anything I ask. I am prepared for a lifetime of success. When we Fully Live Our Unlimited Potential We FLY UP!

FlyUp!, Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

Avoid Looking Over Your Shoulder

We are all self-made. The people and objects that surround us are a direct consequence of the thoughts we have harbored in our minds. When I think of my world, I attribute it to concentrating on the present and the future instead of peering back at my misfortunes and mistakes. I try not to spend… Continue reading Avoid Looking Over Your Shoulder