Opposites What is big? What is small? Is there a difference between tiny and tall? (A little bug on a blade of grass Is huge when viewed through a lens of thick glass) What is up? What is down? When I point to a star as the earth spins around? When is young old? When… Continue reading Opposites


The Mountain to Paradise

One autumn, Tony Higgins’s family moved southwest to Hopkinsville, Kentucky. I drove down to stay overnight.  The next morning Tony took his cousin Steve and me to Pilot Rock, a mountain site that was renowned in his new homeland. Arriving early, we jumped out of the car and raced to the top.  Primitive steppingstones were… Continue reading The Mountain to Paradise

Life Adventures, Philosophy

The Speck of Dust

It was on the back porch that Tony and I discovered the secrets of the universe. We were never bothered by the hot rays of the afternoon sun, or the hardness of the concrete steps that flaked of worn, gray paint. A robin chirped happily in the tree above us. Tony played drums and I… Continue reading The Speck of Dust