Ask, Seek, Knock

I still do not know why I brought the entire plastic bottle of ketchup to my desk when I had lunch that day. I've always enjoyed the luxury of fine dining, but somehow I imagined my work desk was a table in a fancy restaurant. My lunch was only a reheated hamburger from a microwave,… Continue reading Ask, Seek, Knock

Tales of Imagination

The Four Leaf Clover

"Did you know if you find a four leaf clover it will bring you good luck?" Little Damarus excitedly told the old man, Harry Duley. Harry loved to joke with the kids in the neighborhood and couldn't resist messing with Demarus's brain. "I see a four leaf clover right there," Harry said, pointing toward the… Continue reading The Four Leaf Clover

Tales of Imagination

The Apple Experience

A jewelry customer thanked me for my services, then excused himself to go to his car.  He was a fruit vendor, and returned with small bag of apples. He reached into the bag, pulled out a large greenish-red Gala, and handed one to my wife and another to myself. "Do you like apples?" He began… Continue reading The Apple Experience

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FlyUp!, Life Adventures

Know You are a Great Salesperson

There is a commonality among great salespeople: they jump at the chance to help customers! In order to be polite, they sometimes constrain themselves when a customer walks in to give another salesperson a chance. That is because the more skilled a salesperson is with his or her craft, the more excited they are about… Continue reading Know You are a Great Salesperson