Am I Entitled to my Birth Certificate?

This is a picture of my original birth certificate. The only reason the State of Indiana sent me this copy was because I proved to them that my birth mother was dead. (I sent them her death certificate.) Ironically, I never met my birth mother. Even today, adult adoptees in Indiana and many other states… Continue reading Am I Entitled to my Birth Certificate?

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The Record of Adoption

For thirty-six years, the State of Indiana kept my record of adoption hidden in a secret and dark place. It was probably buried at the bottom of an old musty file cabinet, and never saw the light of the day. After I discovered my birthmother had died, the State of Indiana said I must send… Continue reading The Record of Adoption


There’s No Shame in Origins

“Mrs. Price was a small woman, wore her hair in a pig-tail. She also wore cheap jewelry and stale perfume. She said she know nothing about the father of this baby. Some mutual friends had introduced them, and the child was conceived after they had had too much to drink. She never saw her baby,… Continue reading There’s No Shame in Origins