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How I became Diamond Mike

My name has not always been Diamond Mike. In fact, when I was born I never had a name. The name Michael was given to me three days later by a loving woman and man who I would later call mom and dad. I was adopted. I never did meet my birthmother, who died in… Continue reading How I became Diamond Mike


Adoption Court Summary. PG. 2/3.

I am Michael Crit Price in this document. My birthmother never officially named me.   I was named Michael Crit Watson by my adoptive parents.   To this day, I am not supposed to have access to this document. I begged a judge for it and he finally gave this me when I was 22 years old.… Continue reading Adoption Court Summary. PG. 2/3.

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Primal Beginnings (From Adopted Like Me)

I always knew I was adopted.  That was never a secret. Mom used to call me her little adopted angel.  I felt special because I was chosen.  Dad told me that they picked me out from a large room filled with cribs of babies.  After seeing me in the middle of the room, he said,… Continue reading Primal Beginnings (From Adopted Like Me)