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We Must Always Be Thankful

Each of us has a book inside of us and a story to tell. If I ever say we should be thankful I don’t mean we should be thankful just because we were adopted, and we should not be thankful just because society expects us to feel that way. The word “grateful” has become twisted… Continue reading We Must Always Be Thankful

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To A Birthmother

In honor of all mothers. I wanted to show that many adoptees are willing to search their entire lives for the truth of their origins. To a Birthmother I lie here awake Deep chasm of night Thick curtains are drawn To shield drops of light The moon cannot speak Inside this dark tomb Blackness within… Continue reading To A Birthmother

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I loved my adoptive mother but I didn’t always agree with her. I’m glad she taught me to stand up to bullies and defend myself. But I remember her instructing me to stay away from the problems of others. Perhaps she thought if I shielded myself from conflict I would somehow be protecting myself. Later… Continue reading Courage


Infant is my name

I was born and adopted in Indiana. When I turned eighteen I considered myself an adult. I could buy a pack of cigarettes.I could vote for the President.I could buy a gun. When I turned twenty-one I could go to a bar.I could order a drink.I could get drunk.But I was never allowed to inquire… Continue reading Infant is my name

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One Year Ago

  On May 1, 2019 I spoke to my vanished sister, Deborah Kay, for the first time. When I was shown this old photo of her in our birthmother’s arms no one told me what happened to her. Was she adopted? Was she kidnapped? Did she die? My sister, born as Deborah Kay Price, is… Continue reading One Year Ago

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Concrete Gray Steps

This is my childhood home in New Albany, Indiana. In the summertime the hot sun would blaze behind the house where I would sit on concrete steps and squint into the sky. Gray paint would always flake off the steps like dried flower petals. As golden rays soaked into my bare chest I would try… Continue reading Concrete Gray Steps


Dear birthmother

  Dear birthmother, I never had the chance to meet you. If I did, I would have thanked you for giving my sister and I what you could not offer, which was the chance to live in a loving home and being able to experience the fullness and richness of life. I know you made… Continue reading Dear birthmother

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I Found My Sister

Many of you know I have been searching for my baby sister, Deborah Kay Price, who vanished shortly after the first photo was taken in 1956. The universe has proven once again that all things, when asked with sincerity and conviction, will eventually be revealed. I finally found my beautiful sister. I spoke with her… Continue reading I Found My Sister

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A Beautiful Experience

The following testimonial is from Heidi Tecklenburg, a winning mom from the 2019 Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest. Thank you Heidi, for sharing your experience. Rewind to May 2012, when I was 45 years old, I never imagined that I would ever have a child call me MOM other than my 4-legged fur babies.… Continue reading A Beautiful Experience

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Just call me Diamond Mike

I was adopted as a child in Indiana. No information about my origins was given to my adoptive parents. I was baptized into the Christian religion. I was given a Bible as the source for my moral instruction. I was taught about heaven and hell, good and bad, and the power of prayer and forgiveness.… Continue reading Just call me Diamond Mike

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What Happened to my Chubby-Cheeked Sister?

  I am adopted. Even today I am not legally allowed to know of the person who gave birth to me. The records are now unsealed only because I mailed my birthmother's death certificate to the state of Indiana. I am thankful someone recorded my birth on an old typewriter. Thank goodness there was a… Continue reading What Happened to my Chubby-Cheeked Sister?

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The Truth Must Be Revealed

I’m not sure if I have been this open on a previous post, but here goes. I know that if my one-year-old daughter disappeared I would search the ends of the earth to find her. When I met my bio family in 1994 we had a joyous reunion at my adoptive parents house. I was… Continue reading The Truth Must Be Revealed

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We Are Going to Find You

Even today, as I gaze into the photo of the little girl on the right, I feel strange knowing that I came from her womb. She is my birthmother, Betty Stewart. With the current Indiana adoption laws, I had no right to find her.   To Betty, I’m sorry you died before I had the… Continue reading We Are Going to Find You

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Happy Birthday, Deborah Kay

Dear Deborah Kay, I never saw you, but my family said you disappeared before your first birthday in 1956. Someone said the babysitter took you. Others said a social worker took you. There was no police report filed. There was no funeral. What happened to you? If you are out there, you will be 62… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Deborah Kay