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First Love

In 1976 I turned eighteen.  There was a clubhouse in the Knobs that was known for its Saturday night dances.  That’s where I met Angela.  She was seventeen and had long, dark hair and shapely curves.  At semi arms length, she was revolving to a slow song with another young man.  When she dislodged from… Continue reading First Love


The Postcard

“Why did my mother give me up?” I asked bravely. “Honey, maybe she couldn’t afford to keep you. Maybe she was unmarried and didn’t have enough money to support you.” My stomach ached. Was adoption good or bad? Should I have been proud or ashamed? I surely didn’t feel that this was a fortunate circumstance,… Continue reading The Postcard


Goodbye, Dad

Goodbye, Dad I came to work as usual on Saturday and the answering machine blinked one message.  It was Mom, who instructed me to take the next plane back to Indiana, for Dad was in serious condition and was on a breathing machine. In less than an hour I was strapped inside an airplane.  Dad… Continue reading Goodbye, Dad