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Do not make yourself look haggardly or unkempt when you grieve.  You do not need to show the world you are grieving. If you hold joyful memories in your heart, and know that you contributed more happiness than sorrow to your loved one, you must not frown, but be joyful.  If there is consciousness beyond the grave,… Continue reading Mourning

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The Secrets of the Universe

As a young adoptee I had one simple quest: to find my birthmother. Twenty years later I found her, but she had already died. I did, however, joyously find loving aunts, uncles, two brothers, a sister, and even an 87-year-old grandmother! When it rains, it pours. My mission was successful, but a new quest began:… Continue reading The Secrets of the Universe

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I Never Asked to be Born

I never asked to be born. But I’m glad I was. I never met my birthmother or father. But I’m glad they met one another. That’s why I can type this. Whew! Their acquaintance was probably anonymous and brief. Sometimes humans need something from another at particular moments in their lives.  Sometimes it’s a need to… Continue reading I Never Asked to be Born

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Born from the Stars

Today I paused to print my family tree that was painstakingly assembled with the help of the most amazing women researchers who became my friends.   As an adoptee who never met my birth parents, I always wondered how I got here.  Today I feel complete in knowing I arrived on planet Earth from the human… Continue reading Born from the Stars

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The Truth Bridge

I talked to an old friend for the first time since I was a young teen. He was black and lived on an adjacent street. I used to sit behind him on his bike with the banana seat as we pedaled to the corner store for a bag of chips and a soda. I was… Continue reading The Truth Bridge

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The Eight Promises Pendant

By founder Diamond Mike Watson. Starshine pendant. I created the Eight Promises pendant for a user to summon any positive virtue.  Forged in precious metal, the Eight Promises renders its power with positive thought.  The inspiration of the design came from a sketch my adoptive mother, Martha, drew when he I was a child.  She… Continue reading The Eight Promises Pendant

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You Can Keep the Seashells

Maybe it was 1985 when I was divorced from my first wife. The marriage lasted less than a year so many memories have faded. Somehow a glass jar of seashells survived and has provided no more than the important reminder of the eternal beauty of nature.  At first, it was fairly easy to divide our… Continue reading You Can Keep the Seashells

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Sharing the Same Experience- Part Four

  A friend asked if I was a cup-half-full or a cup-half-empty guy. I quickly answered that my cup was neither because it was always gushing over its brim. Then I realized that if most people’s excitement level never varies between zero to three out of ten, mine usually hovers constantly around twelve. Using the… Continue reading Sharing the Same Experience- Part Four

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The Importance of Knowing

The hardened criminal may say he was never loved. But is more love the solution?  Can we create more love?  Is there only so much love out there?  Or is love a finite element like hydrogen and oxygen?  While a torrential downpour floods one country, another country may be cheated from a single drop of… Continue reading The Importance of Knowing

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We Have a Voice and a Choice.

Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for the best. I remind myself of every experience in my life. I learned I cannot eat a jalapeño pepper like a pickle. I learned not to sip hot coffee with a straw. I learned I cannot run in flip flops. I am thankful I have experienced life… Continue reading We Have a Voice and a Choice.

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Learn From Every Experience

I always try to look at the bright side of life, realizing that everything most of us consider a tragedy is really a valuable experience that can teach us to do better. I lived with loving adoptive parents but my father had a difficult time expressing his love for me. He became an alcoholic and… Continue reading Learn From Every Experience

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This may be hard to understand

This may be hard to understand. Everything is nothing. Nothing is everything. All that remains is consciousness. Can you imagine a universe with us not in it? Me neither. Now think of this. The universe, and everything in it, is only here because we can observe it. When we close our eyes, is it still… Continue reading This may be hard to understand

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I'm impatient. I don't enjoy being stopped by a red light. I don't like to be put on hold. I abhor waiting in checkout lines. I seek instant gratification. I love a one-minute thrill. I savor a delicious meal. I delight in a good sneeze. I chase pleasure and avoid pain. I live for the… Continue reading Time