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Born from the Stars

Today I paused to print my family tree that was painstakingly assembled with the help of the most amazing women researchers who became my friends.   As an adoptee who never met my birth parents, I always wondered how I got here.  Today I feel complete in knowing I arrived on planet Earth from the human… Continue reading Born from the Stars

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The Truth Bridge

I talked to an old friend for the first time since I was a young teen. He was black and lived on an adjacent street. I used to sit behind him on his bike with the banana seat as we pedaled to the corner store for a bag of chips and a soda. I was… Continue reading The Truth Bridge

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Are we real?

Sometimes it takes the small talk of a friend to open up the door of our minds. It was 30 years ago when I went to one of my jewelers to pick up a new creation. “Hello. How are you?,” I always began. “Oh, I’m great,” was always the answer. After some chit chat the… Continue reading Are we real?

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The Eight Promises Pendant

By founder Diamond Mike Watson. Starshine pendant.  I created the Eight Promises pendant for a user to summon any positive virtue.  Forged in precious metal, the Eight Promises renders its power with positive thought.  The inspiration of the design came from a sketch my adoptive mother, Martha, drew when he I was a child.  She admitted… Continue reading The Eight Promises Pendant

Life Adventures

The Silent Ride

This was a striking view I captured during my morning Los Angeles adventure. Later, in a high level of an old building I shared this photo with a stranger to show him the new world we live in. The man stood silently for a few seconds and told me his wife and friend had died.… Continue reading The Silent Ride

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Victory Celebration or Darkest Chapter of Humanity?

This video was recorded moments before Trump's rally on January 6, 2021. I am sharing the full two-minute video with audio. Because the copyrighted song "Goria" by Laura Brannigan was playing in the background the audio was muted by some news outlets. The video shows the merriment and glee in viewing the crowd of supporters… Continue reading Victory Celebration or Darkest Chapter of Humanity?

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Diamond Mike’s Gingersnap Cookies

7 tablespoons unsalted butter melted but no longer warm to the touch. 1/2 cup granulated sugar (100g) 1/4 cup dark brown sugar (50g) 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 1/2 teaspoons ground ginger 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper 1/8 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper 2 Tablespoons unsulphured molasses 1 large egg… Continue reading Diamond Mike’s Gingersnap Cookies

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Uncle Charlie

I love messing with people’s minds. Here is the entire text conversation I had this morning from Facebook messenger. Fortunately, I always smell something fishy when when a random person starts off by saying, Hello, how are you doing today? Scammer: Hello. How are you doing today? Me: Hello. How is uncle Charlie doing? Scammer:… Continue reading Uncle Charlie

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We Must Always Be Thankful

Each of us has a book inside of us and a story to tell. If I ever say we should be thankful I don’t mean we should be thankful just because we were adopted, and we should not be thankful just because society expects us to feel that way. The word “grateful” has become twisted… Continue reading We Must Always Be Thankful

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The Empty House

The living room of my childhood home in New Albany, Indiana. 1725 Grantline Road. I always wanted to slide down the stairs but the post at the bottom would surely cause embarrassing injury. If one was obese it may have been difficult to squeeze through the narrow archway to the kitchen. The heating vents were… Continue reading The Empty House

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The Drum and the Red Cap

On January 19, 2019, a teenager named Nicolas Sandmann was attending a Right to Life march in Washington DC. Wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap and a persistent smile by the Lincoln Memorial Sandmann faced a native Indian activist named Nathan Phillips who chanted and banged on a drum. Did Sandmann block Phillips… Continue reading The Drum and the Red Cap

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Nazareth and Nadine

This building is the home of Gallery of Diamonds. Nazareth is the tree on the right. He stands 5 feet from the building. Nadine is on the left. Nadine is 10 feet away from the building. I was given a form by the management asking my permission to remove Nadine. WHY? She was healthy, was… Continue reading Nazareth and Nadine

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I loved my adoptive mother but I didn’t always agree with her. I’m glad she taught me to stand up to bullies and defend myself. But I remember her instructing me to stay away from the problems of others. Perhaps she thought if I shielded myself from conflict I would somehow be protecting myself. Later… Continue reading Courage

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That Could Have Been Me

For nearly nine minutes a police officer forced the weighed of his body on the neck of a restrained and unarmed black man. That could have been me. As the officer stared into the crowd with his hand in his pocket the black man pleaded for oxygen and called for his deceased mother as his… Continue reading That Could Have Been Me

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One Year Ago

  On May 1, 2019 I spoke to my vanished sister, Deborah Kay, for the first time. When I was shown this old photo of her in our birthmother’s arms no one told me what happened to her. Was she adopted? Was she kidnapped? Did she die? My sister, born as Deborah Kay Price, is… Continue reading One Year Ago