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The Eight Promises Pendant

By founder Diamond Mike Watson. Starshine pendant.  I created the Eight Promises pendant for a user to summon any positive virtue.  Forged in precious metal, the Eight Promises renders its power with positive thought.  The inspiration of the design came from a sketch my adoptive mother, Martha, drew when he I was a child.  She admitted… Continue reading The Eight Promises Pendant

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Be Thankful for your Eyes

Gemologists can seem strange at times. That’s because we know that our business extends beyond what we see.  We have been known to burn amber in an inconspicuous place to smell its smoke and determine its authenticity.  We rub pearls beneath our front teeth to ascertain if they are real. (A smooth feel is an imitation, slightly… Continue reading Be Thankful for your Eyes

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Thank you, Mr. Le

Mr. Le was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1955. He began as a jewelry apprentice at age 18. During the following six years he divided his time in the army and working in the jewelry business. Afterward, he found a job with a larger jewelry company where he mastered his skills for the next… Continue reading Thank you, Mr. Le

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A Beautiful Experience

The following testimonial is from Heidi Tecklenburg, a winning mom from the 2019 Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest. Thank you Heidi, for sharing your experience. Rewind to May 2012, when I was 45 years old, I never imagined that I would ever have a child call me MOM other than my 4-legged fur babies.… Continue reading A Beautiful Experience

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The Power of Intention

I have proof that if you intensely hold a thought in your head for a long period of time it will become true. In 1993, shortly after I opened Gallery of Diamonds jewelers which now resides in Santa Ana, CA, I began a writing contest for school kids. Since I was adopted as a child… Continue reading The Power of Intention

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What is More Important- Quality or Size?

Question What is more important: quality or size? Answer Both! For the same amount of money, one has the choice of purchasing a diamond that is white, flawless, and of perfect proportions-- and another that contains only a few inclusions and is cut less perfectly. The first diamond will be beautiful, but may be very… Continue reading What is More Important- Quality or Size?

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Every Knee Shall Bow

Kneeling during our national anthem may be controversial, but it does not show disrespect to our country. I remember refusing to recite every verse of the Apostles creed at a Christian church. I was not being disrespectful. This was my way of expressing my beliefs within the congregation. In the case of NFL free agent… Continue reading Every Knee Shall Bow

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Ten Questions for a Jewelry Store Owner

Interview by Ashley Vitar. 1. What type of jewelry do you sell? We offer fine diamond jewelry and everything from antique to modern including custom designs. Today, we are the largest seller of fine mothers jewelry in the nation. As purveyors of estate jewelry, we have antique pieces that date more than 140 years old.… Continue reading Ten Questions for a Jewelry Store Owner

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The Reflection of your Eye

This is my eye. Upon close inspection, you can see the reflection of Gallery of Diamonds in my iris. If the camera was angled differently, some essays of our mother's contest would be detected. You might see my new mothers jewelry designs. During the last twenty-five years it has been a challenge to separate two… Continue reading The Reflection of your Eye

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My last post was news about the word of the year from This word was not trendy, new-tech, or whimsical, as words of the past have been. In fact, the meaning of this word is quite ugly. As the concept slithered into our thoughts, we have inundated google searches with the horrible word- xenophobic.… Continue reading Uniphilarsian

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Success is a State of Mind

  Everything in life begins with a dream.  For ten years I had enjoyed the career of a diamond merchant.  The jewelry business had become my passion. With my wife-to-be sitting close to me in our quaint apartment, we uttered the possibility of a jewelry company that could offer intriguing designs at less than normal… Continue reading Success is a State of Mind

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Breathtaking Detail

This vintage 14K gold Art Nouveau Cloissone "red-throated hummer" Hummingbird Pin is an intricately painted masterpiece. The expert craftsmanship vividly resembles vivid yellow-green feathers. You can see more of my antique and vintage jewelry pieces at "A flash of harmless lightning, A mist of rainbow dyes, The burnished sunbeams brightening From flower to flower… Continue reading Breathtaking Detail

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The Evolution of Mothers Harmony

The inspiration for this necklace came from the shape of the winning gemstone itself. I wanted to incorporate the calming, oval outlines of the amethysts and garnets awarded in the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest. When four Moon Over Mountains® symbols were carefully placed inside the oval frame, a magical form appeared. Like gazing… Continue reading The Evolution of Mothers Harmony

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A Diamond’s Birth

A diamond is born deep within the earth. When you combine unimaginable heat and pressure for about one million years, you beget a coveted gem that remains the hardest natural substance in the universe: crystallized carbon. (Believe it or not, the carbon in a diamond is the same element as the graphite in your pencil,… Continue reading A Diamond’s Birth