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The Eight Promises Pendant

By founder Diamond Mike Watson.

Starshine pendant. 

I created the Eight Promises pendant for a user to summon any positive virtue.  Forged in precious metal, the Eight Promises renders its power with positive thought. 

The inspiration of the design came from a sketch my adoptive mother, Martha, drew when he I was a child.  She admitted stumbling onto the pattern years before as she was doodling with pencil and paper.  She made a square graph of dots and connected them into the shape of a stylized cross.  Martha then embellished the negative spaces. 

The contour shone with beautiful symmetry and invincibility. 

Martha prepared another graph and taught the skill to me, her only adopted child.  The result was a magical eight-armed symbol that forever sparked my imagination. 

In my hometown in Indiana, I delivered repairs for a small jeweler at age 17 and became a diamond merchant at age 22.  At 23 I began jewelry design. 

Throughout the years, I found myself scrawling the image.  Because of my love for my mother, I associated all goodness within this enchanting symbol.  

During the following years, a deeper meaning arose from the drawing.  Since ancient times, humans have been fascinated with the virtual indestructibility of a diamond, which in its natural state grows for hundreds of millions of years into an eight-sided crystal called an octahedron. Being in the diamond business, it was easy for me to compare the mesmerizing eight arms to the faces of a fine rough diamond. 

I divided the components of the symbol into the virtues my mother taught me as a child. 

Each arm represents a virtue, or a promise that the owner agrees to keep.  The center of the pendant represents the source of all virtues- love, in which I believe all virtues stemmed. 

Watson’s illustration of his mother’s original sketch.

The Eight Promises:

  1. I am kind. 
  2. I am thankful. 
  3. I am giving. 
  4. I am brave. 
  5. I am forgiving. 
  6. I am joy. 
  7. I am aware. 
  8. I know. 

Other than the virtue of love, I could never arrange any virtue by importance because a virtue may be needed more at different times in one’s life.   Since I was rarely satisfied in the concept of ultimate truth, I loosely defined it.  I believed truth was a concept that was personal and relevant only to the individual.  This is easy to understand when comparing persons who are born from different parts of the globe and into different conditions and circumstances.  Because individual truth is important the virtue is blended into the higher levels of the pendant. 

In general, the promises of the pendant become more abstract as one moves clockwise around its arms.  The first promises stem from our basic principles to get along with others.  The last two arms are deeper in concept. 

In choosing the virtues, I used those which I felt had the broadest meaning.  Sometimes a virtue seems to stand alone and sometimes it may accompany another. 

For example, a person may need courage (bravery) to be honest and truthful.  If this is true, the virtues of courage, honesty, and truthfulness can share a single arm. 

Hearts and Angels Pendant shown with garnet. 

However, being thankful may not mean one is generous.  Also, a person who is aware may not be kind.  Since these are unrelated virtues they must be found on separate arms. 

The difference between I am Aware and I Know. 

At first it may be difficult to understand the difference between the seventh and eighth arms of the pendant. 

Although the words “aware” and “know” are many times used interchangeably in conversation, the Eight Promises gives clarity to their individual meanings. 

Aware is an adjective.  When you are aware you are a spectator. 

To be aware means to be conscious or mindful of objects, thoughts and emotions.  It does not necessarily mean one has a deep understanding. 

Know is a verb meaning to confess as true.  It comes from the word knowledge and refers to in-depth understanding. 

This word allows us to take action based on our perception of truth. 

I am aware and I know are the last arms of the Eight Promises in which I wove my concept of personal truth. 

How the pendant was named. 

Since the pendant had eight sides I called it an Octalet.  “Octa” in Latin means eight and “let” comes from the word amulet. 

Because I knew it would aid the user before going to sleep I also called it a Dreamlet and a Dream Maker.  After the first draft was cast in silver I realized it was more of a talisman, which is an object that attracts positivity.  

Whatever name one gives to the pendant, it must be known that without positive thoughts the Eight Promises is powerless. 

A “Living” Talisman

The Eight Promises mirrors the needs of its owner. 

Because I understood virtues could be interpreted in different ways throughout one’s life, I stressed not to cling tightly to any definition.  Throughout my own life I have assigned different levels of importance to each promise. 

Moon Glow pendant.

The promises assigned to each arm may not contain the one needed for every moment.  Therefore, the Eight Promises should be considered a “living” talisman which can be transformed at any moment to benefit the needs of the user. 

It must be known that each of the eight promises reflect my personal philosophy at the time of this writing.   Since I believed that one person’s truth may not be another’s, I also  believed any definition may change or become more or less significant throughout time. Therefore, the user is encouraged to modify any promise to reflect their present understanding of their life’s purpose. 

Love.  (The source of all virtues.)

Love is the center of the Dream Maker.  It is the origin of all virtues.  Knowing we are loved shapes us into who we are.  Only when we know we are loved can we love ourselves.  When we love ourselves, it is easy to love others. When we love others, our world becomes our beautiful home.

The Eight Promises from top right:

1. I am Kind.   I care about the well-being of others.  I treat others as I would like them to treat myself. 

2.  I am Thankful.  I have immense gratitude and appreciation for all things.  I am thankful for my dwelling, my body, my food, my senses, and all those who add richness to my life.  I am thankful even for my perceived suffering and shortcomings which strengthen my character

3.   I am Giving.  I give cheerfully and abundantly without expecting anything in return.  My smile or a kind word can be one of the greatest gifts to another.  

I give back to our earth by being careful with the gifts it gives to me.  It is not what I have but what I give that is important.  I  give more than I take. 

4.  I am Brave.  I live without fear.  I grow in wisdom and understanding every day.  I wake with the excitement in being the master of my reality.  I gain courage when I realize the world is a realm of unexplored wonder. 

I  make my bed, have confidence in my abilities, shake off my anxiety, get freshened up and take the first step.  The world needs me today.

5. I am Forgiving. I forgive others and even those who do not ask for forgiveness.  When I ask for forgiveness it is sincere and comes from my heart. 

6.  I am Joy.  I find joy in all things.  I am peaceful without worry.

Joy does not come only from an experience but from how I react to that experience.  It does not come only from what surrounds me but from what is within me. 

Joy comes from my response to the morning starshine on my face, the fragrance of a flower, and the embrace of someone I love.  Joy comes from my response to a rainbow, the laughter with friends, the patter of rain, and the calm darkness of night. 

Joy comes from thoughts of love I hold in my heart.

7.  I am Aware.  I am conscious of the present moment- the here and now.  It is here I hold our galaxy with its family of stars in my mind while being aware I am the integral spark within it.  

Star Guide pendant.

I am aware I am the author of the book of my life. 

I am aware the moon may evoke wonder to one person and loneliness in another.  We each experience life differently.  My truth may not be another’s truth.

8. I Know. I know I am loved.  I know I am awesome.  I know I am a living masterpiece. 

I know the amazing thing about every day is I create it along the way. 

I know my words and thoughts have the power to encourage, inspire and heal.

I know life will give me every success with perseverance and good intention.  I know I can accomplish anything through the door of unlimited possibilities and boundless imagination. 

As I wake each morning, that page of my life is blank. Although my past has already been written, I know I can write each succeeding page with whatever I desire.

It is here I Fly Up. 

How to use the pendant.

The Eight Promises can be used anytime yet the best time is when one can dedicate a quiet moment of reflection or before falling asleep. 

Some believe dreams hold the power to solve perceived problems in waking life.  By carrying positive thoughts into one’s dreams, one may awaken with renewed purpose.  Using the Eight Promises at night is a wonderful way to fall asleep.

One should first memorize each arm.  It is a good idea to read through the definitions of each virtue, feeling free to add or modify a thought beside a particular promise that has a current or special meaning to the user. 

The Unforgettable Acronym

The first letter of each of the eight promises is KTGBFJAK.  An unforgettable way to memorize these letters is to read the following acronym:  

Moon Glow pendant.

Kangaroos That Grow Big Feet Jump And Kick. 

Now that this acronym should forever remain in the reader’s brain, one simply needs to align each letter with the corresponding promise. 

Before sleeping, one may simply think about or touch the promise of Kindness on the top right arm.  Then one can move clockwise around the pendant with your thoughts or by touching the metal, silently repeating the name of each virtue while giving deep thought to its meaning.  One may think of each arm as a portal or a door to understanding each virtue. The user may spend as much or as little time contemplating each promise and how it is currently relevant in one’s life.

An easy way to use the Eight Promises is to simply trace your finger along each arm and silently repeat each promise:

I am kind. 

I am thankful.

I am giving.

I am brave.

I am forgiving.

I am joy.

I am aware.

Back side of the Starshine pendant showing Diamond Mike hallmark.

I know.

Other Virtues

Following is a list of other virtues that may be needed in one’s life.  Depending on what virtue the user is seeking, any of these can be assigned to one of the arms:

  1. Docility: Willingness to be taught, to learn, and to grow.  Being open to new ideas and gaining knowledge. 
  2. Good counsel: Seeking advice from a reasonable person one can trust to have our best interest at heart. 
  3. Good judgment: Thinking rightly about a decision. 
  4. Greatness: Seeking to accomplish excellent and superb feats that will benefit ourselves and others. 
  5. Humility: Freedom from pride or arrogance.  Being humble. 
  6. Leadership. To have a commanding authority or influence. 
  7. Meekness: Being modest, humble. Having a serenity of spirit while focusing on the needs of others. 
  8. Moderation. To avoid extremes of behavior or expression. To observe reasonable limits. 
  9. Patience: The ability to accept delay or suffering without getting upset. 
  10. Perseverance: The continued effort to achieve something despite difficulties or failure. To overcome the temptation to quit.
  11. Respect: Recognizing the worth and dignity of others. 
  12. Responsibility: Fulfilling one’s duties and accepting the consequences of one’s words and actions. 
  13. Self-control: Restraint over one’s impulses, emotions, or desires. 
  14. Sincerity: Trustfulness and honesty in words and actions. 
  15. Tolerance: Allowing others to have opinions that are different from ours. 
  16. Wisdom:  The ability to determine right from wrong. 
Hearts and Angels pendant shown with amethyst.


Eight Promises for Kids. 

The Eight Promises is a great gift for kids and young adults to remember good virtues throughout their lives. It provides a precious moment for parent and child communication.  Words can have different meanings depending how they are spoken or read.  Depending on the age of the child, a parent may discuss a single virtue or all of them. 

Following is an abbreviated version of the Eight Promises that kids can understand. 

1.  I am Kind.  This is caring.  It is treating others as you would like them to treat yourself. 

2.  I am Thankful. This is the appreciation of everything.  We can be thankful for our home, our food, our mother and father and everyone we love. 

3.  I am Giving.  Giving and sharing with our family and friends.  Sometimes even our smile can be a great gift to someone. 

4.  I am Brave. This is having courage. It is standing up for yourself and for others.  Being truthful is also being brave. 

Courage is waking up being excited about a brand new day.  We must make our bed and believe in ourselves.  The world needs us today.

5.  I am Forgiving.  When we hurt others we must say we are sorry. We must forgive at all times and when we say we are sorry it must come from our heart. 

6.  I am Joy.  Happiness. This comes from thoughts of love in our hearts.  Joy can come from everywhere- from laughter, sunshine, the patter of rain, our friends, or from the hug of our mother or father. 

7.  I am Aware.  In this very moment we are important in the world.  We are aware sometimes the moon may make one person happy and the other person lonely.  We each see life differently. 

8.  I Know.  We know we are loved.  We know life will give us anything with good thoughts.  We know the amazing thing about every day is we create it along the way.  We know everything is possible with our imagination. 


The Eight Promises is a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be worn everyday, to be admired, and to remember the giver.  However, my hope is to also offer a new path to experience life to the fullest, to brighten the spark that we each contain, and to become a better person.  This, in turn, makes the world a better place to call home. 

Eight Promises is now available in an array of designs as a special order in 14K yellow gold, white gold, or in sterling silver.  


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