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The Gift of Knowing what Others Want

It is sometimes difficult for me to follow a story.  I can also be annoying while watching a movie with others as I constantly ask what is going on.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love to have deep conversations about reality and the universe.  However, if you narrate a story about Bill, George, and Charlie please do not ruin the end of the story with a pronoun by saying, “Then he jumped off a cliff and died.”  Who died?  Bill, George, or Charlie?  If you want me to really understand please talk to me like I am in Kindergarten. 

Fortunately, I have been gifted with the talent of knowing what customers want in a piece of jewelry.  I know what it means if a gem is set too high or too low.  I understand when a band is too thick or too thin.  I know that prongs need to hold a diamond securely without being the focus of a ring. 

It is a wonderful feeling when a customer cheerfully gives me a cherished gem and asks me to design a new setting for it.   I have enjoyed each year of my career but I’m thankful to have 40 years of experience behind me.  Trust is a precious commodity.  I suppose anyone can say they are trustworthy but it is time itself that must be the juror of this quality.  

 Few independent jewelry stores have survived in Orange County for more than thirty years.  Of course one has to be innovative and able to change with the times.  But I think a most important ingredient is letting customers know you really care about them.  When one lives by the Golden Rule the world is a wonderful place.

When searching for any professional help, a person should be judged on their expertise and integrity.  As any jeweler who is entrusted with priceless heirlooms, the element of trust is what keeps us going.  But please don’t judge me harshly if I don’t completely follow a story involving many characters.  

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