Life Adventures

Uncle Charlie

I love messing with people’s minds. Here is the entire text conversation I had this morning from Facebook messenger. Fortunately, I always smell something fishy when when a random person starts off by saying, Hello, how are you doing today?

Scammer: Hello. How are you doing today?

Me: Hello. How is uncle Charlie doing?

Scammer: Doing good. Glad to hear from you. I’m doing pretty good and happy. Have you’ve heard the good news about the COV19 IFC grant?

Me: Is uncle Charlie going to die?

Scammer: They are helping the old, retired, and widows. The international finance corporation grant gives you cash. I got $90,000 when I applied and I don’t have to pay it back. Did you get yours?

Me: I always loved uncle Charlie.

Scammer: We love him so much. Have you heard about the program? I got $90,000 when I applied.

Me: I’m glad you got that money. Let uncle Charlie know we love him.

Scammer: Sure.
The agent in charge is Jessica Smith. She is trustworthy. Text her that you heard from me and that you would like to apply for the grant.

Me: Honey, we don’t need any money. Can’t take it to heaven. But thank you.

Scammer: I know you have enough. But my money is still at the bank and Charlie seriously needs some money for his surgery.

Me: Surgery? Why?

Scammer: He’s in critical condition. We need almost $4,500. Can you give us some money? How much can you get right now? We have to get some medication or he will go to surgery.

Me: Who goes to surgery?

Scammer: Charlie if we don’t get his medication. Do you have PayPal or cash app to get us some money?

Me: Who is Charlie?

Scammer: Your uncle Charlie!

Me: What happened to uncle Charlie? Is he OK?

Scammer: I already told you he’s in critical condition. How much can you get so I can send you to the bank?

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