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Thank you, Mr. Le

Mr. Le was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1955.

He began as a jewelry apprentice at age 18. During the following six years he divided his time in the army and working in the jewelry business. Afterward, he found a job with a larger jewelry company where he mastered his skills for the next ten years.

In 1988, Mr. Le came to Los Angeles, California where he was immersed in the fast-moving jewelry trade for the following five years. He further developed his skill in designing, casting, and diamond setting in gold and platinum.

In 1993 Mr. Le opened his own company.

Mr. Le crossed my path in 1997 at a time my own company was growing. I needed more artisans who could meet the demand of jewelry manufacturing. I was fortunate to use Le’s remarkable talents. Miracles happen when humans trust each other enough to share their passion, expertise and dedication. Today I am thankful that we each quickly recognized and combined our talents to create the largest movement of mother’s jewelry in the nation.

If you ever see a mom wearing a gleaming diamond or oval-shaped garnet or amethyst there is a high chance it may be Why Mom Deserves a Diamond jewelry. If you are lucky enough to meet one of these moms you must first remember the words of appreciation her child composed for her. But you must also remember an unknown man named Mr. Le that may have played an equally important part of the jewelry that is eternally draped from her neck or adorned on her finger.

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