Life Adventures

Nazareth and Nadine

Nazareth is the tree on the left. Nadine is standing by his side. Nazareth was planted 5 feet from the building. Nadine is further away. Neither tree is causing any harm and is beneficial to the parks ecology according to the tree assessment report.

Since I am a business owner of a condo in this building I was given a form by the management asking my permission to remove Nadine. WHY? What on God’s earth would justify removing a 30-year old healthy pine that gave thousands of pounds of oxygen and refuge to hummingbirds and squirrels? Did someone complain about a pine cone that fell on on the roof? Did a business owner request removal so a sign could be placed on the building? Did the management want to thin out the trees so drivers would notice the buildings from the 55 freeway?

I checked NO on the form and signed my name.

Nadine was spared and I speak to her every day on my stroll around the duck pond. But the management refused to hear my plea for the other trees. 29 majestic pines were chopped down including my friends Pax, Jasmine, Lydian. Dorian, Apollo, Zella, Astoria and Stacia.

Please sign our petition to stop the removal of these trees.

Thank you. Here is the link to Change. Org:

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