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I loved my adoptive mother but I didn’t always agree with her. I’m glad she taught me to stand up to bullies and defend myself. But I remember her instructing me to stay away from the problems of others. Perhaps she thought if I shielded myself from conflict I would somehow be protecting myself.

Later I realized that to bring harmony to the world we must stand up for others also. Do you have to be a police officer to help an elderly person cross a street or a fireman to rescue a cat from a tree? Do you have to be a doctor to help someone who is hurt? Do you have to be a psychologist to listen to a friend?

Thank you mom for teaching courage. Perhaps I learned it too well, for bravery should be extended to the whole world.

Follow your heart. Stand up. Speak out. Life is too short. Don’t be afraid of what the neighbors might think or how many Facebook friends you may lose.

In memory of my adoptive mother, Martha Velia Watson. 1920 – 2006.

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