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A Promising Flower


In 1974, when I was sixteen, I wrote the following doom-and-gloom poem that was published in a small poetry book.  Some old school friends recently helped me find this. I always felt the writing was horrible but it strikingly reflects the COVID-19 calamity that is currently afflicting our world. I do still share the belief that no matter what the outcome of our human race, our earth will remain unscathed.

A Promising Flower

When the dark shadows are covering the earth
The Last Days are coming but what are they worth?
Humans fall dead with her faces on ground
Cars run no more, and the planes make no sound

Our planet is ice, and our sun shines no more
Waterfalls don’t pour, and the lions don’t roar
Our sun god has left us, for that we are sure
For dark is our earth, and there is no cure

A bird falls to ground like a plane meets it’s doom.
Mortal is he whose mind’s full of gloom
The blind cannot tell that a darkness exploded
But they will not mind as their skin is eroded

Stop! Over there! Do you hear something sing?
A promising flower just opened its wings.

Diamond Mike Watson

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