Take a stand. Raise your voice. Make positive change.

It is striking how the nation is so starkly divided on whether or not they support our President. As a non-supporter, I feel I have been scolded for being a sore loser in the election. A non-supporter does not necessarily dream if the other candidate had won. More than the desire of one candidate or the other, many of us voted with the moral obligation to thwart Trump from obtaining reckless and immoral power. For a person with reasonable human empathy, I do not need to incite anything more heartless than the separation of infants and young children from their mothers from the Zero Tolerance policy.

When my horse does not come in first place, or my favorite player has fouled, I do not demand a replay. However, I do miss telling children in my school presentations that one day they may achieve the highest honor of world- the President of the United States.

As of now, this title is vacant.

The wonderful thing is that we have the power, as Americans, to readjust our tone and sail in the direction that our forefathers envisioned. We must ask ourselves, is Donald Trump the child we are proud of? Is this the person we want to motivate our children?

If a leader goes against his follower’s moral upbringing, ethics, and human decency, we have only a few choices. We can ignore the problem or we can take a stand, raise our voices and make positive change.

I choose the latter.

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