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Guns and Teachers do not Mix

Arming teachers with guns must have been an off the cuff remark by the President. And although I believe he knows it was a ridiculous thing to come from his lips, it is not Trumps style to admit that this preposterous idea would actually add potential harm to our teachers and students. I know nearly 500 teachers by name. They are educators. They love their students. They want them to succeed and fully live their potential.
They are not prison guards.
I’m also sure most of them desire a place for students to learn that is comfortable without the fear that someone may be shot. I have a feeling that most of them would quit if they were required to conceal a gun.
If there is a fire, does gasoline make the fire go away? If we want to lower our debt, should we borrow more money? If too many guns are the problem, does adding more guns solve the root problem of shootings in our schools? I don’t think so.

1 thought on “Guns and Teachers do not Mix”

  1. Mike, guns and humans don’t mix, regardless of what the human does for a living. But well said, and I hope and pray that POTUS45 comes to some sort of sense – or that the people around him do. Not that I have a huge amount of trust in politicians right now, particularly when I look at the joy that is the UK parliament.

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