Is This the End?

Imom, child, happy, kind, together, one, love, black and white, diamondmikewatson, newport beach, 92660For those of you who have given me so much support in the search for my sister, Deborah Kay, who disappeared before she was one year old, I was prepared to tell you the great news that I found her. Sadly, I am not able to do that. I was 99% sure she had been adopted and had her name changed to Debra Ann. A friend discovered a Debra Ann born the same year in which I have since befriended her wonderful sons. They explained that Debra died at the age of 27 in 1982 from complications of brain surgery. The final proof of her being my sister was DNA, and one of her sons volunteered to take a test with me. Unfortunately, after waiting patiently for over a month for the results, we do not share any segments of DNA.

I am sorry, Deborah Kay, that after searching for 23 years I was not able to find you. If you are still alive, you are 62 years old.

If anyone knows any information of what happened to my sister in 1955, please let me know. Please share.

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