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A Letter to the Cabinet of the President of the United States to Invoke the Twenty-Fifth Amendment

October 14, 2017

Vice President Mike Pence
RE: Removal of the President of the United States invoking the
Twenty-Fifth Amendment. Section IV.

The White House
Office of the Vice President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington DC, 20500

Dear Vice President Mike Pence,

There comes a time when the leaders of our government must make difficult decisions. That time is now.

It regrettably appears evident that President Donald J. Trump has acquired a position in which he cannot serve. After nine months of his Presidency, he has demonstrated that he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Beginning on the day of his inauguration, he has been distracted and disturbed by insignificant and illusory encounters, such as his smaller than expected crowd size, and later of the possibility that millions voted illegally. Rather than seeking to bring our country together through compromise or inspiration, he has created a grand division amongst most Americans.

From children to adults, Americans have traditionally respected the character and wisdom of our presidents. They have sought guidance and moral support. During Donald Trump’s Presidency, his character has been one that seeks constant conflict and discord rather than harmony. He falsely claimed our former president’s birthplace, claimed he was wiretapped, and continues to condemn the validity of our free press whenever it portrays him negatively.

It is reasonable to agree that the President of the United States must possess basic character traits to govern and discharge the duties of his office, such as;

  • a reasonable attention span
  • a measure of restraint and self-control
  • an ability to work in unison with others
  • a exerted effort to articulate the truth
  • a reasonable level of intellectual curiosity
  • a genuine feeling of human empathy
  • a higher than average knowledge of American history and our Constitution.
  • a functional moral compass

It is with regret that President Donald Trump has proven to be deficient in all these attributes.

The actions of President Trump, before and during his Presidency, have attempted to eradicate the basic principles that founded our nation.

To more fully understand the President’s inadequacy, we must examine his current and past actions. These actions do not portray a reasonable person of peace and poise.

  • He encouraged violence at his campaign rallies, promoted torture for captured prisoners, and suggested we “take out the families” of ISIS to win the war on terrorism. He continues to write social media posts that encourage violence with words, photos and gifs.
  • He publically mocked Serge Kovaleski, a disabled person who suffers from arthrogryposis.
  • Rather than showing empathy or honor, he publically belittled Khizr Khan and his wife, the Gold Star parents of a killed Muslim soldier. He was devoid of feeling the pain of a mother who sacrificed her son during the Iraq war.
  • Rather than acknowledging the suffering of Senator John McCain for being a five-year prisoner of war after his plane was shot down in Vietnam, he publically mocked him for being captured.

During his Presidency:

  • He blurted out classified information to impress important Russian visitors in the White House.
  • He refused to acknowledge the information given to him by several intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the 2016 election.
  • He failed to understand the consequences of his actions- like firing former FBI Director James Comey, the same person he asked to obstruct justice.
  • He does not have the ambition to comprehend perhaps the most challenging era we are facing today, which is our rapidly changing climate and how humans have contributed to our planets harmful greenhouse gases. Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement demonstrated that he does not comprehend what this means for our future survival.
  • His intense sense of self-importance many times cripples his interpersonal communication with world leaders and members of his own party. This personality disorder is disruptive because he constantly seeks praise and admiration and attacks those who do not agree with him. This disorder is perilous to government leadership.
  • He continues to hurl derogatory names and insults at leaders from other nations, including members of his own party, in retaliation of negative remarks.
  • After the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, he could not to comprehend the difference between a group that promotes hate and inequality with a group that condemns hate and inequality.
  • He does not seem to care or comprehend the trauma and fear of deportation instilled into nearly 800,000 illegal immigrants currently enrolled in the DACA program, who have woven a cultural and economic value into our country.

Many of these actions can be compared to the nature and psychology of a child. A child must not govern our nation.

Americans love peace. Therefore, during heightened international tensions, we understand that even a misplaced word from the President could cause military conflict. This could mean the suffering and death of millions of people.

A man who demonstrates the unrestrained impulsive anger of a child must never have access to the nuclear codes.


In a dignified way, we must remove the president from office invoking the Twenty-Fifth Amendment. Section IV. We are thankful the President has not suffered an illness or has symptoms of dementia, but he has, without a doubt, proven his incapacity to govern. His removal from office is imperative to help ensure a peaceful future and the self-preservation of our people.

As we continue to understand the nature and character of President Donald J. Trump and realize his nature and character will not change, it is an act of gross negligence to allow him to remain our president. We must not blindly ignore the peril that faces us.

Please reconsider your support for a man who has never held a government position, who has never served in the military, who refuses to relinquish the control of his business empire or disclose his taxes, and should never have been elevated to this office.

It is with much thought and compassion that I write this. I respect the office of the president and the tremendous power it represents. If a president with a reasonable mind can discharge the powers and duties of his office, we will be propelled through positive change. However, if a president cannot discharge the powers and duties of his office, then we have come to a standstill in our evolution as the greatest nation in the world, and are dangerously toppling the building blocks that our forefathers have worked so hard to construct.

Diamond Mike Watson

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