Evil by it’s True Name

With carefully selected words, our president has neglected to let white nationalists know he is not their friend. No one is born a racist, they are cultivated through example of how we live and speak. Charlottesville did not simply have a “deadly car attack,” it was invaded by hate, prejudice, and ignorance from domestic terrorism.
Whether evil is a real entity or born from the darkness of our hearts, it must be called out by name and rebuked. Money, jobs, and healthcare are worthless in a world without love, understanding, and the mutual respect for one another.

I understand the increased fervor of removing certain statues and monuments. This will not change our past or anyone’s heart. No matter the reason of a sculptor’s intention, it is still art, and should remain a cultural reminder of our past, even if that past displayed our darker side. If they are removed, they should nevertheless be preserved, perhaps in a museum, for future generations to see. The same may be said with relics of the Holocaust or any wars we fought. There should be a visual reminder that we can teach our children of who we once were as humans, what we have learned from our mistakes, and who we want to become.

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