Fly Up! And Self-Actualization


The invention of FlyUp! (for Fully Live Your Unlimited Potential) came shortly after we launched the Raise Your Umbrella school program. The all-inclusiveness of FlyUp! made it an even higher form of Raise Your Umbrella.

Many people have heard of Abraham Maslow, who published his 1943 article entitled, A Theory of Human Motivation. The paper included a theoretical hierarchy of five levels of human needs. He found that humans have basic needs such as food, shelter, belonging, and safety. Higher level needs would include those such as the sense of belonging and relationships. Maslow’s theory was that one would not be motivated to obtain a higher level need until a lower level need was satisfied. For example, a person would not desire to earn a college degree before more basics needs such as sleep, air, and shelter were met.

Many people are happy and content at Maslow’s third level, which includes loving and being loved, and giving and receiving affection. Since not everyone aspires higher levels, the intention of Why Mom Deserves a Diamond, Inc. is for everyone to cherish this level of happiness.

It is remarkable, however, to see thousands of contest participants boosted to the fourth level, which includes confidence, self-esteem, and achievement. It is striking to know what happens when kids are self-assured, believe they are valuable, and realize they can accomplish anything in life.

Fly Up! redefines the fifth and highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy, which is Self Actualization. To Maslow, self-actualization was a state in which one realizes the highest pinnacle of human achievement. This is the most fascinating level. To me, it means self-fulfillment, that life knows no boundaries, and understanding all possibilities exist. It is being all one can be.

When one accomplishes even one of the requirements for Raise Your Umbrella, that person has reached the highest rung of the ladder. It is then that you FlyUp!

Orange County, California teachers may request this no-cost program (complete with black and white umbrellas) for their Career Day or other special event here:

Motivation and Personality (1st edition: 1954, 2nd edition: 1970, 3rd edition 1987)

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