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Thank You, Earth. The International Dinner Party

August 16, 2015.

Beginning in 1993 as a small get-together between friends to show thanks and mutual respect, the International Dinner is celebrated every year.

Prepared with love, shown are some of the delicious native dishes from family and friends for the 22nd Annual Dinner.


United States:  American beef hamburger sliders, Ham and Cheese Ball, Vegetable Paula.
Guatemala: Fried Plateno. Chicken con crema y loroco.
India: Butter chicken, chicken tika, rice, and chana masala.
Ukraine: Golubbzi (stuffed cabbage with ground turkey.)
Mexico: Green salsa, mango salsa, and salsa with cactus, tomato, cilantro and feta cheese.
Germany: Sausage and sauerkraut.
Costa Rica: Chicken and rice.
Spain: Stewed squid with tomatoes.
Cuba: Platenos tostones.
France: Louisiana-style shrimp creole.

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