My Birthmother’s Second Husband

KennethSynder_BettyPriceThis photo was taken when my birthmother married her second husband, Kenneth Synder.

The back of the photo says,

“October 23, 1958. When we got married in Carmel (Indiana) at night.”

This was eight months after I was put up for adoption, and about a year after my two-year-old sister, Debra Kay Price, mysteriously disappeared.

Because of timing and circumstances, the man in this photo may be my biological father. I called him twice in 20 years and both times he denied he was my father and demanded not to call him anymore. When I met my siblings in 1994-1996, they were each surprised that I resembled him more than anyone in the family! 

My search for my roots never included finding a mom or a dad.  I always knew who those two very special adoptive parents were.

I just wanted to know how I got on planet Earth. 

In that regard, I feel whole and complete possessing a photograph of the woman who gave birth to me.

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