Adoption, FlyUp!

To My Adoptive Mom

You understood that I was never searching for a mother. I always knew that special person was you. I know it was you that bandaged my wounded knees and packed my lunch for school. Your tight hugs and enduring encouragement made me the human I am today. By loving me first you taught me to love everyone else.

You made me feel special by showing me I was chosen and that you would always be there. However, you also had the courage to let me go, and to understand everyone has the right to know where they came from. You knew I would never abandon you.

Since the first day you held me, you instructed me with wisdom, and lit the ember of love that endures within my heart.

I hope other adoptees are as lucky as myself. I knew I was loved, and that is the main ingredient that shapes us for eternity.

You never really died. You’re still here. I know you can hear me. As long as I live, so you will live also within my heart.

To my adoptive mom, the only mother I ever knew. Thank you.

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