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Give Your Mom a Hug!

“Give your mom a hug!”

This has become a commonplace expression that our jewelry store staff commands to the winners of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest. For those that have ever been a winner or winning mom, please don’t take anything for granted that takes place inside the walls of Gallery of Diamonds jewelers.

In 1993, mothers would simply be handed their child’s essay, which they would read right before their child plucked their winning prize from a gemstone parcel. Then winners were required to place the gemstone into their mothers hand, to demonstrate that their very words lived in the gemstone. The next year, winners were required to read their words aloud. This was the beginning of the magical experience of what has currently been celebrated for the past twenty-three years. When words of love are written from the heart, they become part of our thoughts. When they are spoken, they become real. Words of love that are spoken encourage us, inspire us, an even heal us.

In fulfilling one’s experience of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest, I feel it is important to embrace. I have seen many kids who were reluctant to show their physical affection toward their mothers. Perhaps they wanted to appear “cool” in front of their peers, or maybe they come from a family that does not show much physical interaction.

Whether a family comes to our store happy or grumpy, it is important that they leave with a wonderful mother and child memory that will remain with them forever. For a moment to be real, it is important for us to use all our human faculties and senses. Beautiful words of appreciation must be thought of, written, and then spoken aloud. Giving your mom a hug makes the mother and child experience unforgettable.

Although I play the role of a diamond merchant and jewelry designer, I will never forget the warm embrace of my wonderful adoptive mother. Knowing we are loved defines us as humans. It creates our true essence. It shapes our view of ourselves and the world around us. You have the power to give this great gift to someone else. Don’t pass up an opportunity to hug someone you love.

2 thoughts on “Give Your Mom a Hug!”

  1. Hi Mr Mike.
    I cannot sit and tell you every woman deserves a diamond. Because in my
    lifetime that has not happened . I don’t think diamonds buy love but are
    beautiful. I have been married 36 yrs..since 19..have had 2 children ..1 in college
    another making his way. I also lost 2 children
    My husband is a major part of my life..he is legally blind..20/ 400..he was forced into retirement when my children were 11 months old..I became sole breadwinner. Life is not fair..bbut I maintained. I have had a hard life..mmy son
    is 3.8 on dean’s list I pay for his school through Tops and loans. But what the
    reason I wrote I never had a diamond or a wedding ring. School was more important. Never went on vacation. Live my life through art
    and no I do not have a mother to talk to ..
    so everyone deserves a diamond shape like a tear for all the heartaches. Karen

    1. Thank you for your comment, Karen. That was well-written and thought out. You’re right, diamonds and money do not buy love or happiness. It is our positive thoughts, our good deeds, and our great memories that are true gifts of happiness that last our entire lives. Thanks for reading.

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