Gallery of Diamonds, Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

Like to Write? Start Typing Now

image Every year, thousands of kids come to our store, Gallery of Diamonds, to publicly read their words of appreciation to their moms. The most important thing, whether or not a parent purchases jewelry, is that magical moment when those words are spoken. A mom never forgets that moment. A child receives a sense of pride and fulfillment that will last their entire lives. Some of you might think it is just a simple writing contest, but over the years it has become a launching pad of self-esteem for thousands of kids who are now adults. Knowing that we are loved shapes us into who we are. It is the greatest gift.

I need volunteers to write internet content such as blogs, posts, or Yelp reviews. They need to be honest and sincere.

Has the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest touched you in a positive way? Share your experience with the power of your voice and your written words. Do you live far away, yet want to make a positive difference by helping our organization grow? Please begin typing. Thank you.

Here are our links for more information. Please also do your own research.

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