Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

The Umbrella Adventure

See the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond team on Diamond Day 2011 at Gallery of Diamonds jewelers, the original founding sponsor.

The video was created in Newport Beach at Gallery of Diamonds jewelers, which is also the headquarters of the contest. This was the first year a first-grader was awarded the grand prize diamond.  Leah Korenberg is shown giving her winning diamond to her mother, Stephanie.

Her winning essay said:
My mom sings songs to me.
Her songs are as sweet as hummingbirds.
She fills my heart with caramel.

The black and white umbrellas became a trend for Why Mom Deserves a Diamond, Inc. that year. The restaurant scene was a celebration for the hard work of the company’s employees sorting, filing, and organizing the 20,000 entries that poured into the headquarters from kids all over Orange County.  Now in honor of all moms, The Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest is the largest mother’s appreciation contest in the nation.


“BatMom” song © 2011 by Diamond Mike Watson. The song can be heard here: https://diamondmikewatson.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/batmom/

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