Who is Your Hero?



I suppose everyone has a hero, one who we can look up to for direction and advice without criticism. There is something in our inner selves that yearn for things that are good and true. If we are lucky, we usually find heroes in the wonderful blend of people and experiences that surround us. I have many heroes like my intuitive wife, my brilliant employees, and even the intriguing people that I meet in the grocery store that I will probably never see again.

One Sunday, I went hiking with my 4 1/2 year-old daughter, Michaela. It was a beautiful summer day. What I perceived as a slightly steep hill in front of us was a perilous mountain to Michaela. We climbed, and Michaela led the way. Each step had to be calculated, for the dry rocks and loose soil would tumbled down with the slightest pressure. For every third step, we seemed to slide down two, making the journey longer than we anticipated.

Nearing the top, I shouted for dramatization, “Michaela, we have to save ourselves!” Michaela struggled harder and yelled, “No, dad, we have to help each other!” I don’t know where those words came from, whether from a cartoon or a twisted expression of what I may have once uttered, but the wisdom was clear, and for that one wonderful moment, Michaela became my hero.

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