Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

Life is About Having Fun!


Life is  about having fun!  This is a frame from a movie my staff made for the 20th annual Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest.  Today, we have received essays that, if stacked in a pile, would nearly reach the top of the Washington Monument. The contest has transformed into an institution that allows hundreds of thousands of kids to express their feelings towards the one who gives us nurture and life instruction.

Every year, nearly four thousand kids bring their moms to Gallery of Diamonds jewelry store in Newport Beach to read their essays to their moms. Today, we are in need of a larger facility. If you would like to help us grow, please email info@WhyMomDeservesADiamond.com, or call 1-800-667-4440.

To every teacher, thank you for helping us leave behind a trail of beautiful words to the world.

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