Where should I buy my diamond?



Where should I buy my diamond?


I hope I am the person who helps you select this special gem that will symbolize your eternal love. If I cannot help you, I recommend that you find a GIA gemologist who is an expert in diamonds.  A GIA gemologist must go through rigorous education and training.  He or she has been educated from the Gemological Institute of America, which remains the pioneer of modern diamond grading.  When you hear terms like VS, G color, etc., these were invented by the Gemological Institute of America.   That is because before 1953, when GIA was founded, diamonds were such a blind item.  Salespeople would call diamonds loupe-lean, top flawless, river color, blue-white, and A quality.  No one really knew what they were buying!  If someone showed an A quality, for example, the dishonest dealer would say his diamond was an AAA quality.

You probably would not ask your neighbor to give you legal advice. Nor would you ask a plumber to trim your tree.  Therefore, find an expert in diamonds.  Even though your local jewelry store may be a convenient place to shop, many times the salespersons are hired simply to sell, not educate.   To get the best price, you must compare apples to apples. You must evaluate your diamond’s clarity and color, but you must also use the most important gemological equipment that we all have- our eyes!  Does the diamond sparkle, and how much? A GIA gemologist is trained in the science of light and diamond cutting.

The last thing I would like to advise is to ask yourself, “Do I trust this person?” If you feel uneasy with a salesperson or store, simply say thank you and leave.  The half-price banner that drapes across a store’s entrance will mean nothing if the “regular” prices are over inflated. If you buy, you will always wonder what you really purchased that rests in the prongs of your fiancé’s ring.

Trust. Honesty. Education.  These are important. Good luck in your shopping. You will be investing in an object of rarity, beauty, and value. Buying a diamond should be a great experience. When you purchase your diamond, I hope you have a wonderful experience that you will remember forever.

Wishing you a brilliant day!
Diamond Mike Watson



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