Love the Word No


Learn to love the word “no.”

A great salesperson loves when a prospect says the word no. That is because a great salesperson understands the answer no is simply the next stage of the negotiation process. Therefore, do not translate the word no as rejection, but rather as the next step you can now take to allow your prospect to accept your offer.

Some sales courses teach not to ask questions which can be answered with a no. They say to always ask open-ended questions that start with who, where, and how. I say never be afraid of the word no. Embrace it, love it, and understand that it can sometimes be the most important word a prospect may say. No usually translates into, “You haven’t yet persuaded me why I should purchase this from you. Can you please give me more information?”

It is human nature for all of us to say no. Therefore, you must allow a prospect to say no at least two times. If you give in too early, your prospect may walk out the door without the wonderful product that you are offering. If you had simply given one more chance to accept your offer, your prospect would now be riding in that new car, living in that dream home, or wearing a piece of jewelry that will render a lifetime of beautiful memories.


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